Welcome to The SARA OFFICIAL.

My name is Sara, I will be your beauty guru, and together, we will bring out the beauty that lays within you.

I was born in the UAE, in a household consumed by the arts, especially those of beauty, to a mother who was nothing short of an influencer in the world of the beauty industry.

From a young age, I understood that I wanted to follow closely in her footsteps and leave my mark in the industry. It is then that I decided to study art and focus my creativity around female beauty.

Later I became a makeup artist and soon enough an instructor for professional makeup artists. I even got the opportunity to work for a leading makeup brand and cooperated with them on a few of their shows both in Lebanon and Dubai.

The turning point in my life was when I started working as a makeup artist for Mounir, owner of Mounir group, who soon became my husband.  He is and always has been my main supporter and the reason I have launched this website.

Today I am very glad to be able to bring out the best eyelashes available in the market and soon enough a wider variety of cosmetics and beauty products to allow you to complete your perfect look.